A Team of Goal-Oriented and Science-Driven People

We Are Translating Science into Targeted Anti-Cancer Agents

Guido Zaman, Ph.D.
Guido Zaman, Ph.D.Managing Director and Head of Biology
Dr. Guido Zaman is Molecular Biologist and co-founder of NTRC. After obtaining his Ph.D., Guido worked at the Netherlands Cancer Institute before moving to Organon/MSD, where he worked in Molecular Pharmacology. He led multidisciplinary project teams on protein kinases, GPCRs and assay development for high-throughput screening. Guido is co-inventor on 7 patents and published over 80 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals that have been cited more than 6200 times.
Rogier Buijsman, Ph.D.
Rogier Buijsman, Ph.D.Managing Director and Head of Chemistry
Dr. Rogier Buijsman is Medicinal Chemist and co-founder of NTRC. Rogier received his Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the University of Leiden. Prior to NTRC, he worked for 13 years for Organon/MSD as Section Head of Medicinal Chemistry Immunology. Under his supervision many discovery projects progressed through the discovery pipeline of Organon/MSD.
Jos de Man
Jos de ManChemistry
Jos de Man has a track record in leading multidisciplinary projects on the discovery and optimization of low-molecular weight drugs for the treatment of cancer, immunological disorders, infectious and cardiovascular diseases, like melanoma, psoriasis and B-cell lymphomas. Jos is co-inventor on the original patents that formed the basis for the development of acalabrutinib, which is approved for the treatment of mantle cell lymphoma.
Helma Simons-van Riel, Ph.D.
Helma Simons-van Riel, Ph.D.Biology
Dr. Helma Simons-van Riel received her Ph.D in Cell Biology from Utrecht University. She also worked at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and University of Amsterdam (VU), providing her a strong background in cell biology and molecular biology. Her current focus is on mechanistic cell biology, assay development for proof-of-concept studies and validation of patient stratification markers and efficacy biomarkers.
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